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How can I pay for my eBooks?

Currently, we have Paypal and Dragonpay as our payment gateways. 

How long does it take to process my order?

For PayPal payments, they will be processed immediately once the transaction has been successful. For Dragonpay, your order will be processed once we've received notification from the payment gateway that your payment was successful.

Do I need one of those special devices to read eBooks?

Not necessarily. You can read ebooks on the following devices:

  1. Windows for PC
  2. OS X for Mac
  3. iOS for iPad, iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini
  4. Android

Why do I sign up for an Adobe ID?

The Digital Rights Management (DRM) that National Historical Commission of the Philippines uses is powered by Adobe Content Server. You'll need to have an Adobe ID to read National Historical Commission of the Philippines ebooks, unless it indicates DRM free.

How do I sign up for an Adobe ID?

You can register for free at Adobe.

How can I download my purchased ebook?

All your purchased ebooks are located at the My Library tab at My Account page. Located at the left side of the My Library tab is a set of instructions on downloading your purchased ebook.

I've bought my eBook. Where is it?

Once your payment has been processed, go to My Account then click on the My Library tab to view your purchased ebooks. If you were not able to locate them then we are still processing your order.

In case you encountered an error, kindly click here to report it. 

I have purchased an ebook but I have not received an email

Kindly check your Spam Folder. If the email is in the Spam folder, make sure to add the sender’s email address to the Trusted Sender’s list or mark the email message as “Not Spam”.

What are your recommended e-Readers?

Below are our recommended e-Readers for your ebook purchases:

After you download and install the e-reader on your device, kindly authorize it using the Adobe ID that you just created.